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True Love

In fervid ways you stare at me, soul greets,Wonderful sight: curtain of lashes, dim tears.One daren't look, rushed heartbeat felt:Vantablack, white mystery, faces pink bloom,Of growing passion until one, withering, fades. There's a thorn-secret I want you to knowHidden in layers of canvas ego;You have such a sun bright, painted-gold soul…Conceals in rare, sweet lily... Continue Reading →

Winter Solstice

In the mornings of sweet fortune, steal a kissTo remain through dull day printed on our lipsAnd a whisper, blown out gold, lays in cracks as one is breaking.Sirens daren't sing such soft notes as this long love making:Oh, how gentle is my creature with strawberry skin! Snowy streets once we discover, walk in diamond... Continue Reading →

Lady Blue

Three leaves float in man's ruby hidden abyssAs fairies wake up, life's bitter; each miss,The timing's not right as all softly grieve;No blue shades, nor moonlight for sick are of thisDark song, fairies hiding, they truly exist! One goes in clouds like steps, heavy breath:The loner which skies hide in soft patterns.Splashed cotton white, wet... Continue Reading →

Centuries Left

Locked in a cage with nothing to spareBut time by myself for centuries left.Alone in the dark, loud sirens are heardAt north-west, afar from seaside I'll take:Two withered sunflowers dragged down in the sand. Where are you going in centuries leftOf sickness, decay, stay with the undeadAnd blessed by starlight through knowledgeNot theft, of beautiful... Continue Reading →


Small things shaped like roses, turn into gloom,Obedience of a storm in autumnWhere colours have blushed, lived and left too soon;Left nest, went too far for chasing sinner’s heartYet nothing ever comes easy like the stars. A flicker from afar, the plane lands in cold night,A whisper in my ear, telling me it’s not right;Soulmates... Continue Reading →


Waters are bothered by rocks thrown, again.A dog mocks a blackbird, he carries it dead,Sweet song made by leaves that fly all aroundIn solemn red colours that rot into brown;He sits on a bench, waiting for his lover. Black leather jacket and hair long, so darkWith sweet brown eyes so that hide in the ground:'Don't... Continue Reading →

King of the Night

Beauty revealed, bizzare warmth of night-time,Conceals the ugly, dark spoiled world.Shadows, so fearful, they run everywhereOpen fire: it's like they weren't there;Warning shots fired if love is a crime! There's beauty in your crux carbon star-eyes,Look at them glow in cold diamond lights:Evenly cut, so precious I find…Black finery too, the crown suits just fine;King... Continue Reading →

Trembling Love

White dressed woman floats in cloud castle's hall,Glows in circles, golden shimmers left on the floor.Has she grown from the burned-out temple, not caring at all?Now she goes in waves of silk, plans to build a worldMade of love, the sour anger be left at the door! 'Trembling love at my feet, found in poisoned... Continue Reading →

Star-Crossed Lovers

Silent's the night, hear, sugar soul kind,Cassiopeia shares blessed pure starlight.Two lost star-crossed lovers each other find:Weeping Trees' Alley by Swan Lake tonight,Blessed are the stars when worlds shall collide. Come, lover, known since blue dawn of timeUnder the cover of stars and moonlightTo tell you of others which failed in their tracksUs, sitting in... Continue Reading →


Cut off ears, yet he screams two-seven lies,Bring the soul much further to the broken paradise.Darkened vision, sponge soaked brains, thunder alas!Awful roar; rage in the prey’s bloodshot eyes;Sense the meaning of one’s being through demise. How this soul can last in tormenting pain?Crickets in the night, foul cries in the grassThe lamb’s thrown so... Continue Reading →


Lighthouse left, abandoned by all living things, Not even phantasms dare reach sacred relics. Return with the nuisance: on brown walls, she clings To fit all hid ardour, secrets, lips shall keep; Away from eyes-harbour, they wreak ships at sea. In the midnight’s heavy storm, taken to the shore, Wrecked and washed-out body, in mockery... Continue Reading →

Poppy Fields

Poppy fields in the heavy summertimeBring such a muted joy, these heavy lightsBurning the world like it was never mine.A pink shimmer cools the volcanic sky;Hearts switch bodies: young love intertwined. Sunflower sunsets while holding dear faithThrough thin thread of waist, meant to everlast,Soft storms and heavy thorns, don’t be a wraith!Running for freedom tastes so... Continue Reading →


Auburn hair floating, soft clouds blush away,Beautiful creature of glued tiny bonesThat mend, one with sweet flesh, whisper and sway,Your being shall watch, yellow flower, stay...Narcissus, he daren't reach your beauty yet... Source: Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, 1872-73 Note: This is a little poem written for a dear friend of mine. She never... Continue Reading →

Freezing Shore

Life gone waves the lover takes, silent than a storm.Lonely mermaid says: 'there's no place like home.'Forgotten by minty times, sour fall,Dark teal water, freezing shore, mends these bones;If only they heard these sweet solemn sobs.There, joins another between ancient rocks,Pearl white dressed nymphs, gracious spring dance:Remains of a temple, cold reign of loss,Greets wandering... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossoms

Give me a dance between these trembling trees,Cherry blossomed, white-pink memory seams.Soft steps, you fall back so clumsy, it seems,By the heaviness of hearts: our blue story;Loving you at ease, no stagnant worries. Give me a dance, tingling hands on my waist,Your foot hits the tree of Terrible Joy:'Here we're wild and free' dare say... Continue Reading →


Time flies when there's no one to catch, dear love,Sweet pleasure and pain, promise of yesterday.What a fearing fact: cold rain-tears will pourOn this sacred place until skies shall fade; Take me on your rosy pale wings to fly! Stuck on a cloud, whispering cherry dreams,Notice how birds, they fly against the wind?Make me yours,... Continue Reading →

Vengeful Goddess

Here I break these chains, not a slave by choice.Hope found in misery's reign, now flee;'Sweet dove, send a word, say you hear my voice, Find me a reason not to stay and live; Soulmate, please, tell a poor man you're there.' I travel again, time lapse, ten mistakes,Birds gone away the thunder-slaughter.A deafening creak,... Continue Reading →

Golden Lips

Shall I kiss once more your golden lips, mendOur bodies at the warmth of common touch,As I leave you out of breath, condescendTo say that I'm the goldsmith, create suchMelting beauty in front of my wide eyes... Source: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, 1907-1908


The wind carries a thousand dying screams Until they reach the blue frosted window And a little girl makes her way, a kiss She places on the glass, warmed innuendo; Heart under a sleeve that’s burning mankind. Under soft blankets all those thin ice thorns Be taken with care or good hearts may cease Beating,... Continue Reading →


Heavy heart sunk into a floating chest,Dirty waters reveal the clear truth:One more silver step, you shall assistTo the funeral of a cherry blossom youth…Memory holds the place of forbidden love. Like a dream she goes in cold wavesSteady beauty with pale blue lips, dry,Dared for a glimpse to reach the skies.Icy lilies in hands,... Continue Reading →

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