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A house on the hill that proudly it looks,
The tethering thrills of new discoveries
Is pushing the grass into the mountains
And what’s left is a queen with no kingdom
And a missing king that’s playing the fool.

No identity, all coin-traded, erased.
In this flesh of sadness, I lay not to break
Like a statue at the bottom of the sea;
Reef rush-hour, these fish and sleazy snails,
From my pond aren’t enough, drown all of them.

She heard from her tower a mellow voice,
Red was the coat, the usual custom,
Right here in her house, how funny it seems,
Do tell one more joke, this fool shall be pleased:
Will I ever be this jolly and bright?

Ah, a loophole between the glorious trees
That insolently brag to other species:
I am a mere trespasser in my own world.
I am sick and tired of pin curls and twirls.
I am legendary and ever-be-gone.

Hello, can you hear me, my, this shaking voice,
I’ve been meaning to sew pearls with Fate’s silk thread
But the circumstances, they wrested my aims.
I miscalculated, my luck wasn’t right.
I still left a letter to tell you I’m blessed;
But who is this creature, prankster, time theft!

Hello, it is me, the upright that brings
Such amazing news, he’s in fact a prince
For all kings are cruel, this one’s a red fool.
By the holy stars, this floor’s trembling
With a wicked joy, no place for my tears.

Hello, rings and silk, gold and all rich things,
I am at last here in the upright world
That’s aching for you until flowers greet,
Blenching soul, you shall repose in comfort
Of love’s fresh cage, release all wicked fears!

Painting Source: Queen Eleanor by Frederick Sandis, 1858


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