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Black Swan

Route’s the same with roots grown cold underneath,
A tree fell to the ground where I should have been
If it wasn’t for a bird to chase off its prey
Crime scene made where they’d be mocking love with venom baye
Shredded, grow sweet flower’s tomb, emulating peace.

Can the wings take flight after compromise
Has been taken, fright in this creature’s eyes
To dare change my fate, I’m chasing away
“Look there, she is mad”, shouts a passer-by
But another comes to wreak havoc, sway!

Grind unto red spikes that suck all the blood
Only if my mother had forgiveness found
Wouldn’t pity’s veil fall so hard on me:
Fractures, broken arms yet I still fly, frail
Is the ego that breaks like an eggshell…

If only I’d found a sweet lake to be
No heart bump in sight, I’d have been free
But these leeches, spitting venom, prophanes of the world,
Here again to throw some arrows but I’m breaking those;
Crack one’s mind, the collapsed spine cannot be once new.

Source: Leda and the Swan by Leonardo Da Vinci, 1505-1510


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