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Spring is once again my centre, greatness in the air,
New beginnings, wheel gets spinned over and again.
Taste the sugar from these lips when candy floss melts
In between ardour and fingers that are dancing flames;
How you like me, ache for treasures and drown in mistakes.

Break my heart a thousand times with your fists of ice
In this mind you try to stay with no luck, demise,
Carnal pleasure comes again like a carousel,
Craving thought the mouths are fed well at the gates of hell;
All alone and lonely, bitter start again.

Held and proudly polished, waxing I have made a man,
Oh, so perfect, can’t become statue to portray
What is good and fair in shut eyes, honey drops in hands
That so big can’t reason my gallery, then
With precision, pain like scalpel, cuts, memories fade.

Source: Chantincleer built by Frederick Savage

 The imported carousel from Europe was mounted entirely with two-seated roosters. It was previously known as Wilmont’s Gallopers when it was steam powered. It was bought by Harry Tudor in 1907 and installed at Luna Park near the Tickler just east of the Tower.

Note: While this carousel was in Europe it sunk in a shipwreck while being transported across the North Sea. It was salvaged in shallow water, restored and brought to America. What isn’t clear is whether it was sunk before or after it was at Luna Park. By the time it arrived at Steeplechase, it was converted to electric power (


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