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Atlantic World

On the river shore, outside the pink banks
Where sweet angels float through the silver coat
Of sugary-echoes that turn all around,
Walkers in sunlight, self made dreamy nights;
Keep it safe and sound for my star-sublime.

Powder white turned blue from the tension breaks
All their hearts in two, confess their mistakes,
Noses way too high, they might as well bleed
And deceitful eyes amid pointy teeth;
Don’t you glare at him, spit lover’s damp sleep.

Then, you simple thing, day so bright it seems
For dark coloured eyes shine in ocean’s beams
Which shaped into life, crying from the heat.
Heads turning so blythe as the icecream drips;
Day is new, fresh the March, on new route, wheel breaks.

Onto shadow deck, steps are getting through
All the cracks they’ve made by the shame of fall
Where if not down there in the green plateau.
See black fish swim by just to say goodbye;
Humans all shall go, washed away it seems…

Into the unknown, red’s the sea of hearts
Dared they go alone in Atlantic World
Where bones lay so cold, by lanterns approached
To create brand new what’s been stolen by
Cruel Nature, souls kind before human minds.

Tainted all the ground yet here’s what I’ve found:
Trident-held, pathway through the waves, cold knives,
Soft curls in blue haze and a gentle smile!
Taken to this place of godly-like pride,
Hand felt on my back, pushed then to the right.

In the gateway stays, unlocks what foul eyes
Can’t see right away: You are surface-blind.
Whispers in these thoughts filled with that warm voice,
What’s worst goes away, does he want me to stay?
Lay in pearl shaped bed for I’m his preffered gem.

Source: The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, c. 1485


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