Source: Ophelia by John Everett Millais 1851-52

Heavy heart sunk into a floating chest,
Dirty waters relieve the clear truth:
One more silver step, you shall assist
To the funeral of a cherry blossom youth…
Memory holds the place of forbidden love.

Like a dream she goes in cold waves
Steady beauty with pale blue lips, dry
Dared for a glimpse to reach the skies;
Icy lilies in hands, one last goodbye,
All alone, that’s how each one shall die.

Blurred vision of a white gold future
Lays in the essence that gives breath
Late baptism, heart broken sooner
Than the cruel wind calls upon Death,
Do things early or you shall always regret.

Red Waltz

Source: Van Helsing, 2004

In the white sunbeams of a forgotten fall
A poor soul was screaming in vain;
I’ve found myself in a dazzling castle’s hall
Looking for the lost ballroom, sweet love’s reign…
How come beauty never revealed itself before?

Golden gardens on walls white as snow
Kept by doric columns, rooted in a marble floor
Silver key doors locked, lost in the wind’s blow
Chasing the moment, open every pine door
Broken windows, shiny crystals all spread.

At the end of the hall, two massive black doors,
Slowly open at feather touch, tainted blame,
Oh, burning red fondness never felt before…
A charming man waltzes alone, held pain:
“Dance with me and life shall never be the same.”

Ardent footsteps on the ballroom floor
Until the evening sun made a shy greeting
Two strangers in the night, turned into gore,
The blood dripping from my hands, awful feeling:
“There’s no longer waiting for my fitting.”