White marble with gold, this fusion unfoldsIn the middle, I've seen: fairy-blue's turnsCrimson red, filthy palms, tiny guts churn.Once I've seen these crumpled wings, sweet spring dream!Past the gate of my heart, she had to get in… Blown desires in one's lap, swiftly caught and heldMy, these seeds are flying hats, how she jumps away.Silly... Continue Reading →

Sweet Orchid

Go, sweet orchid, wither down, give away your bluesFor some water, they forgot to take care of you.In the heavy, holy winds, is there hope or notThe shy petals, cracking yellow, crimson-stained;Bring the damage back into this curated space. Faux-used soil, where filthy hands roamed roach-freeHoles inside one's memory that is rooted deeplyCrimson in fuchsia... Continue Reading →

Black Swan

Route's the same with roots grown cold underneath,A tree fell to the ground where I should have beenIf it wasn't for a bird to chase off its preyCrime scene made where they'd be mocking love with venom bayeShredded, grow sweet flower's tomb, emulating peace. Can the wings take flight after compromiseHas been taken, fright in... Continue Reading →

White Swan

Gentle stroke and hair pushed back, aren't you a dreamThat once lived can't get enough, sweet lily, you giveAll that's good and fairly change into something new.When did wings grow on light back, beauty fades, yours blooms;Is it easy to lose faith, rotting sorrow's seeds? On the way where Life meets Death, crows are circling,White... Continue Reading →


Strange buzz, murmur of the past ringing in my ears,Figures softly grab my waist, whisper in my ear:"For as long as all's been lost, I'll be gone, my dear"Then like dust in ether float with my hopes and fears;Want them not either to stay, their place is not here. Did you know how far kites... Continue Reading →

Fallen Angel

Red coloured ivies, this raw poisoned vine,A life’s full of niceties that mocks the blind.Oh, lips that burst open and blood dripping coldWished I was never so close to the door;Misery's silent when minds lost, they loathe.  Mid-winter, blue coat and two trembling handsChop pieces of wood not to freeze in painAs ladies are waiting... Continue Reading →


Spring is once again my centre, greatness in the air,New beginnings, wheel gets spinned over and again.Taste the sugar from these lips when candy floss meltsIn between ardour and fingers that are dancing flames;How you like me, ache for treasures and drown in mistakes. Break my heart a thousand times with your fists of iceIn... Continue Reading →

Ghost Lily

Old and bored is the foe with judgemental eyesWhich erases the contour, remakes clumsy linesThen so boldly dares assume art doesn't feel rightFrom the way our masters do from beyond sleep tight;Send death wishes to spit lovers, kill them with a smile! Take it back to days of hell when such thing was not,Used to... Continue Reading →

Atlantic World

On the river shore, outside the pink banksWhere sweet angels float through the silver coatOf sugary-echoes that turn all around,Walkers in sunlight, self made dreamy nights;Keep it safe and sound for my star-sublime. Powder white turned blue from the tension breaksAll their hearts in two, confess their mistakes,Noses way too high, they might as well... Continue Reading →


Pray this soul doesn't run far away from home,Been the worst then jolly found rubies carved from stones.Made a crown, the holy blood melts away the sinsIn these ribs, killer beats, this love warmth it keeps;Dark tulips are fed to drain all the burning haze. Run, now, run, guards not far, gunpoint towards me,Try and... Continue Reading →


Bells are ringing softer, quick, pray to the skies,One's damnation found in the pupil’s eyes.Does man dream of heaven, scribbling through time?Gives away the paper that he gently wipesTears of guilty burden, takes small sips of wine. Forced once by another, worship what is strange,Never to ask questions, answers aren’t there.Cries of terror, children are... Continue Reading →


There’s no card found up my sleeve, it’s true,All the magic tricks feel cheap, the empress keepsStaring and so meekly waiting, burning berries-cheeksFor this wonder, golden glimpse when she stares so dim;Is my heartbeat lining quiet or a war drum hears? Taking needles out this cushion yet she barely blinksWhen I name my sweetest passion... Continue Reading →


Red lipstick to match the tray on which stays:Open book, a piece of cloth, burning on my toes,Alien with soft approach floats, joyously says“What you’ve got I truly like, let me read the truth:This mankind indeed is damaged, melting silver youth." Walk of shame on broken glass for the same mistake,Brown-haired girl at the same... Continue Reading →

Follow the Lead (Short Story)

I.The misty mirage surrounding the Baunilian Islands seems to conceal a hidden miniature treasure for the place has an electric ancient pulse: from the small towns with snow, coloured houses and marble flowers carved on each window sill to the grandiose Temple of the Moon with its high, Doric columns. It can be found in... Continue Reading →

Ladybird (Short Story)

The raindrops hit the asphalt like anger’s arrows in youth’s heart after hearing a terrible gossip that unleashed Pandora’s box throughout the radio silent world. A cashier found in the blooming age and not a day over two decades is quietly scanning the books for a customer, clumsily putting them in a paper bag.“That would... Continue Reading →

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